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#001 — Dec 2021
Year in Review: 17,000 Users, New Milestones, Pro Plan, & Some Thoughts
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XH here, creator of It's been a few months since launching in May, so I figured it's a good time to catch everyone up in this inaugural bulletin (made with mmm, of course). If you're not familiar with, or haven't tried it in a while, give it a try:
Since launching in May...
— 17,000 users have signed up
...and, most importantly, we've cultivated a rich ecosystem of lively, personal, chaotic, messy pages. Link-in-bios, landing pages, interactive art, etc.
The biggest new feature since launch: the Pro plan. It costs $15/mo ($150/yr) and gives you unlimited blocks, unlimited pages, custom domains, higher-quality image uploads, and more. From the start, I've prioritized making a self-sustainable project — where the long game isn't acquisition, or IPO, but to generate enough revenue to keep things independent and constantly evolving. If you can, please consider upgrading, or donating, to keep the lights on!
What ELSE IS New?
A lot has been added since launch — and I can only highlight so many — my recommendation is to give the editor a try and see for yourself!
You can now use your own domains with your pages. As examples: or
Now you can draw directly on your websites.
...& a lot more
FYI these features were all prioritized with the community via Discord polls. In other words, I take them seriously, so please keep the feedback coming.
I'll try to keep the self-indulgence brief — but I want to convey, as much as I can, why I'm working on I've been thinking about something like this for a while now — an intuitive, near-second-nature design tool for making websites, something easy and powerful enough to create a sense of play. Genuinely mixed media. Unconstrained layout. Drag-and-drop. An editor where all the complexities of 2021 websites — responsiveness, layout, maintenance, deploy, accessibility — are hidden away & handled for you. Why? It's something selfish: wanting to go online and find more websites that feel like they're made by real people — with all their quirks and character — rather than the Hyper-Optimized Content Farms. I think that's difficult to achieve without easier-to-learn, free-form design tools for websites. Another way of putting it, from The World's End: less "Starbucking."
If nothing else, there's something powerful to being able to slap together a website in <5 minutes.
What's Next?
There's a lot I'm excited about going into 2022. A small preview... — Editor redesign. Add more advanced features while maintaining the zero learning curve. — Perma-pages., export to self-contained HTML, etc. How to keep websites perpetual? — Accessibility. Alt text, ARIA roles, semantic tags. — Custom HTML/CSS/Javascript. — Advanced layout editing. Fixing blocks to edges, full-width blocks, sections, columns. — Chaos monkey. Smarter ways of generating random noise to help un-stick creation. The focus in early 2022 will be to beef up the capabilities of the page builder — once that's satisfactory, my focus will shift toward discovery and social features. Another goal is to release these bulletins more regularly — hopefully one accompanying each major feature release to document and explain some of the thinking that went into it.
Until Next Time
Thank you for sticking it out with — as mentioned here and elsewhere, I'm committed to this for the long-haul.
"It's a handsome city, but distractingly regular. After walking about in it for an hour or two, I felt that I would have given the world for a crooked street."
See you in 2022!
— XH
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